An Exploration of BigGAN’s Truncation Threshold to Create Artistic (Horrific?) Images of Masks

Some cool images of "masks" generated by a BigGAN model using a high truncation threshold which lets us control the variety of the images. They were generated on this demo page, with a model that was already trained for me. The paper introducing the truncation threshold (or truncation trick) is "Large Scale GAN Training for High... Continue Reading →

Report from StarCraft AI Workshop at ITU (January 2018)

This report summarizes the StarCraft AI Workshop held at the IT University of Copenhagen, January 20-21 2018. The purpose of this workshop was to bring together students and researchers with interests in AI and Machine Learning in StarCraft, and together explore the new StarCraft 2 Learning Environment (SC2LE). This report contains an overview of the event... Continue Reading →

Welcome to my website!

I will use this website to write about my research and maintain a list of my publications and public datasets. I brief introduction to what I do: At the IT University of Copenhagen I am investigating how deep learning in combination with online evolutionary planning can be used to play strategy games. My focus so... Continue Reading →

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